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Baby on Board – To Addison IL

After my father completed work in Washington and my birth, it was time for a move.  That took me to Addison Illinois, where I remained the only child, until 1970 when we moved to Elmhurst, Illinois and my brother was born.  As I was only 1 and 2 years old, I don’t have much memory of what was going on at that time.  I know that we lived in an apartment, and then a rented home.  My father visited those locations a short time ago during his travels for the Lions Club International.  He said the first place we lived looks good, though the house we rented is a disaster.

In 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first human to touch the surface of the moon.  The U.S. was warring in Vietnam and instituted the draft lottery to build up US military forces.  One of the most famous musical festivals, called Woodstock, took place in August.  Richard Nixon became president.  The Public Broadcasting Service was established.  A cult led by Charles Manson murdered five people.  Wal-Mart incorporates as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.  Apollo 12 landed on the moon, adding two more feet to the record books.  Charles Conrad and Alan Bean were the second set of Americans to walk on the moon’s surface.

  • Inflation in 1969 – 5.46%
  • Year end Down Jones Average – 800
  • Average Cost of a home – $15,550
  • Average Income per Year – $8,550
  • Gas per Gallon  – 35 cents


Sporf Speaks, and some housekeeping

To: KingPin
From: *-Sporf-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Re: Zearnot
Date: 01:02am – 01/04/90

(Sporf to Alexa: between kidnapping and e-17)

“Well cat, should we be kinda and peacibly accept his half-price deal and let him fly us to the boonies, without telling us where we are going?  Or should we simply kill him now and take his ship?

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Coherence questioned

To: KingPin
Et Alia
From: *-Hammurapi-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Re: Zearnot
Date: 08:46pm – 01/03/90

Turning into an interesting thread here, albeit perhaps a little incoherent so far 🙂  I won’t  take up a major character (although I’m sorely tempted to be Gigi the Wonder WereWolf –we have _possibilities_here!!)

For the time-being I’ll keep a log of the messages pertaining to the storyline, so if y’all want an arbiter for something I could oblige.(Speak and thou shalt be answered, K-9 :-)) )

So, Sporf, how do you respond to the kidnapping by this tricky Xvactor character?  And what is Belnate doing other than twiddling his thumbs in orbit around Zearnot (_not_ Plugor) keeping up the blockade? (Do we have a Pug to the rescue?)

Pug accepts an offer?

To: All
From: *-Pug-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 08:06pm – 01/03/90

Sitting around here has gotten pretty old.  Business is real slow.  Almost had a live one then that ugly, whatever it was, took my passenger away.  Too bad I think that (what was that name, skorf spruce, no…) sporf dude, is in for some trouble.  Could catch a disease just standing near that ship, let alone sitting in it.  Wait a sec, here is an interesting add in the paper. Continue reading

Sporf makes another offer

To: *-Pug (aka Corporate)-*
From: *-Sporf-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 11:19pm – 01/02/90

You are my second offer.  I have offered $40,000.  10 now, 30 upon completion.  I have a large cat for protection that must accompany me.  Please write back if still interested.

Sporf McSlick
2778 Tccn way

How the story works

To: *-K-9 Mark Four-*
From: *-Sporf-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot story rules
Date: 11:14pm – 01/02/90

Have it like life. A now-war time murder will not be tolerated. I can talk with Kingpin, for instance, in e-mail and conspire an Attack on Belnate. He does not have to know that we are doing so.  Then – Bammo, we come in with a fleet of eight ships to his one.

In a few weeks, maybe earlier, we’ll see about multi-characters.  Let’s check interest first.

An offer made

To: *-$$ Kingpin $$-*
From: *-Sporf-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 11:07pm – 01/02/90

…Okay, I will give you an interview. I am offering $30,000, payable at the completion of our journey, plus $10,000 for expenses.

I do however warn you, do not try to harm me in any way, even in play. You see, Alexa has been trained to protect me, she can’t distinguish between real and play fighting.  She also has been known to attack werewolves so it would be a good idea to tell Gigi to watch her step.


Pug is born

To: All who dare to try
From: *-Pug (aka Corporate)-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 07:50pm – 01/02/90

I am Pug.  Former REF Military Specialist in the Robotech revolution of the year 2160. Through my travels since, I have peiced together a Beta – Space/Warrior craft.For the past few years I have taken the trade of for hire carrier based on Earth.  Alignment of my customers does not matter to me.  If you have the cash, I have the craft.  I can reach any of the outer systems, and have clearance on all worlds.  Though charged with various infractions of Galactic law, none have yet been proven.  I have been known to carry “questionable” cargo, but all my customers have been satisfied.  I can laso meet my customer in any of the farther systems, if need be. (read: at a price)

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Come to my side

To: kingpin and all
From: *-Garion-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 09:07pm – 01/01/90
don’t listen to Merk, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Join up with me on this adventure. Lets keep the Zearnots from endangering Plugor.  So I am considered the enemy, so what.  Any good battle needs two sides, and they need fighters and brains like yours.  Excuse me if this looks choppy, I am on a forty character screen trying to make it look 80.  I forget sometimes.Merk is good, I know that.  But we can be even better if we join together.

Thank you, garion. (Belnate)

Taunts begin

To: Corp
From: *-Merk-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 06:11pm – 01/01/90

Hello! You two said it sounded fun.  did you lie?  Let’s just try it and see how it goes.  I have two characters already, myself-Sporf, and Garion-Belnate. Two opposing sides even.

Kingpin, here is your chance to seek revenge against that mysterious mailbox killer. You know who I mean, Garion, the one who’s brother you s’posedly beat up.  HaHa!