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Belnate is born

To: *-Merk-*
From: *-Garion-*
Category: Stories
Subject: zearnot
Date: 02:05pm – 01/01/90

Ok, this sounds fun.

My name is Belnate, the leader of the Plugorian forces (the enemy force). I am a respected leader, and an excellent warrior who is specialized in swoards both reagular and magical.It is known that I am looking for an ally to help me keep control of the air space around zearnot.I took control of it when I thought that zearnot was planning a attack against Plugor, with Earth as there ally. Now that they have no contact with anyone, I sleep a little better at night.My companion is a worlock.  A very powerful worlock with unknown magical abilities. Little is known about him, but many fear him. He is always with me, and has dedicated his life to protect me, for reasons that no one knows about.  His name is Shante ( pronounced SHANTA)

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Sporf if Born

To: All
From: *-Merk-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 01:13am – 12/31/89

I am Sporf. I am 75% human, 25% Zearnoid. My mother is all human, my father was a war brat, concieved during the war between Zearnot and Plugor in 2167.  Though I am a peace loving man, I am skilled in the field of Knives, both standard and Magic. I also have a feline companion, one of the only Earth-born White Bengels left in existence today.  Her name – Alexa.I have but one mission in life. to find a way to safely return to Zearnot, to once3 again see my parents, who were trapped there on vacation to see Grandma when the Plugoarians took control of all space surrounding Zearnot.

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It Begins

To: All
From: *-Merk-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 12:50am – 12/31/89

We talked at the party about kickin’ this story up a little.  Why doesn’t everybody make a character, could be your own pseudonym, and in a day or so, I will make an action, say design a two-man craft destined for Zearnot.  I ask for a co-pilot, three respond, I pick one.. one thing leads to another in these kind of things, there is no narrator, therefore no ‘one person’ can take over.

I would like to suggest a few guidlines though:

1) Nobody can ‘destroy the Earth’ or otherwise instantaneously end the story.

2) Nobody can speak for others. These stories are strictly dialoge between characters.

3) You MUST, and that is a BIG MUST, you must have fun!


Zearnot and BBS’s of the late 80’s in Minnesota

In the late 1980’s when the Internet was just a gleam in an egghead’s mind the world was filled with personal computers with modems attached. These modems would allow one personal computer to talk to another, the same way networks work today. Some of us would share intrests by connecting to Bulletin Board Systems where we could hold threaded converstations about all kinds of things. Continue reading

A life story

Over the next 12 months I’m going to run a series of posts documenting various points in my life.  Not enough to make figuring out my passwords out, but enough to dig up some memories that perhaps my kids or their kids will find interesting in the future.

The Day I Was Born

Born in Belleview, Washigton. At the time my Father was working for Control Data Corporation at the Boeing facility in Renton. My mom was a homemaker.  They had recently moved (Feb 1967)  from the Midwest for my fathers work.  We lived in Belleview, WA where I was born.  And shortly after that we moved to Renton, WA where Boeing was constructing the first 747 and CDC was helping them with some things.  My dad worked on the team that had Seymour Cray at it’s lead.  He has some interesting stories of his time then.

In 968, The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.  Robert Kennedy was mortally wounded when he was shot by Sirhan Sirhan.  The war in Vietnam continued and there were riots occurring in many cities in protest to America’s participation in the war.  There is a Flu Pandemic in Hong Kong and the first Black Power salute is shown on television during the Olympics medal ceremony.

  • Inflation in 1968 – 4.27%
  • Year end Down Jones Average – 943
  • Average Cost of a home – $14,950
  • Average Income per Year – $7,850
  • Gas per Gallon  – 34 cents


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