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Baby on Board – To Addison IL

After my father completed work in Washington and my birth, it was time for a move.  That took me to Addison Illinois, where I remained the only child, until 1970 when we moved to Elmhurst, Illinois and my brother was born.  As I was only 1 and 2 years old, I don’t have much memory of what was going on at that time.  I know that we lived in an apartment, and then a rented home.  My father visited those locations a short time ago during his travels for the Lions Club International.  He said the first place we lived looks good, though the house we rented is a disaster.

In 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first human to touch the surface of the moon.  The U.S. was warring in Vietnam and instituted the draft lottery to build up US military forces.  One of the most famous musical festivals, called Woodstock, took place in August.  Richard Nixon became president.  The Public Broadcasting Service was established.  A cult led by Charles Manson murdered five people.  Wal-Mart incorporates as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.  Apollo 12 landed on the moon, adding two more feet to the record books.  Charles Conrad and Alan Bean were the second set of Americans to walk on the moon’s surface.

  • Inflation in 1969 – 5.46%
  • Year end Down Jones Average – 800
  • Average Cost of a home – $15,550
  • Average Income per Year – $8,550
  • Gas per Gallon  – 35 cents