Zearnot and BBS’s of the late 80’s in Minnesota

In the late 1980’s when the Internet was just a gleam in an egghead’s mind the world was filled with personal computers with modems attached. These modems would allow one personal computer to talk to another, the same way networks work today. Some of us would share intrests by connecting to Bulletin Board Systems where we could hold threaded converstations about all kinds of things.


Somewhere around 1988 I ran into a BBS system called TCCN, the Twin Cities Computer Network.  This was a system that had multiple phone lines and multiple modems, allowing multi-user connections.  I met a bunch of guys and we started an endless story.  Eventually it ended as people lost interest or moved on, had computer failure and what.  We had at least one meet in person where we all hung out at Loki’s place in Minneapolis and attended a double feature screening of,damn, can’t remember.  One was Back to the Future 2 or 3. Anyway, while we were chowing on pizza and talking about geek kind of stuff after the movies an idea for a never ending story came up.
A never ending story is a story made on a threaded message board.  Each user writes part of the story, in an attempt to continue on the story, or drive it in various directions.        The following story is entitied “Zearnot”

p.s. I will be including every post that I archived by printing out on paper.  I may not have all of them, but hopefully I have most.  I will include posts that don’t move the story forward and may have been just administrative work.

p.p.s. This story is at the moment copywrite me.  To use this you must have permission from me.  If the orginal authors of these posts comes forward, then they can have their piece of ownership.

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