Sporf if Born

To: All
From: *-Merk-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 01:13am – 12/31/89

I am Sporf. I am 75% human, 25% Zearnoid. My mother is all human, my father was a war brat, concieved during the war between Zearnot and Plugor in 2167.  Though I am a peace loving man, I am skilled in the field of Knives, both standard and Magic. I also have a feline companion, one of the only Earth-born White Bengels left in existence today.  Her name РAlexa.I have but one mission in life. to find a way to safely return to Zearnot, to once3 again see my parents, who were trapped there on vacation to see Grandma when the Plugoarians took control of all space surrounding Zearnot.

Name——-: Sporf
Age——–: 25
Sex——–: Male
Race——-: 75% human/25% Zearnoid
Companion–: Alexa-White Bengel, Will kill to defend SporfPersonality: on the side of Zernot and Earth, Peaceful man

This is a good format to make characters, it lets others know exactly what you are/want/do/feel/ and wether or not to like you or not.


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