Belnate is born

To: *-Merk-*
From: *-Garion-*
Category: Stories
Subject: zearnot
Date: 02:05pm – 01/01/90

Ok, this sounds fun.

My name is Belnate, the leader of the Plugorian forces (the enemy force). I am a respected leader, and an excellent warrior who is specialized in swoards both reagular and magical.It is known that I am looking for an ally to help me keep control of the air space around zearnot.I took control of it when I thought that zearnot was planning a attack against Plugor, with Earth as there ally. Now that they have no contact with anyone, I sleep a little better at night.My companion is a worlock.  A very powerful worlock with unknown magical abilities. Little is known about him, but many fear him. He is always with me, and has dedicated his life to protect me, for reasons that no one knows about.  His name is Shante ( pronounced SHANTA)

Now for my stats.
Name——-: Belnate
Age——–: 29 (youngest leader of my planet)
Sex——–: Male
Race——-: 100% Plugorian. Born and raised on Plugor.
Companion–: Shante, Most powerful worlock ever. Always with me, dedicated to protecting my life, and putting pain and stress in others.
Personality: To the game evil. I am an understanding man, who is just trying to save his planet from the evil (in my book) zernoids.
Specialized Skills: Excellent with swords, both plain and magical. And a fair bowsman.

This should get interesting. now let me leave you with one final note. Who is really the evil people?



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