Pug is born

To: All who dare to try
From: *-Pug (aka Corporate)-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 07:50pm – 01/02/90

I am Pug.  Former REF Military Specialist in the Robotech revolution of the year 2160. Through my travels since, I have peiced together a Beta – Space/Warrior craft.For the past few years I have taken the trade of for hire carrier based on Earth.  Alignment of my customers does not matter to me.  If you have the cash, I have the craft.  I can reach any of the outer systems, and have clearance on all worlds.  Though charged with various infractions of Galactic law, none have yet been proven.  I have been known to carry “questionable” cargo, but all my customers have been satisfied.  I can laso meet my customer in any of the farther systems, if need be. (read: at a price)

Currently I am in Earth port at star lock 121B.  My vessel is named (-Low Batt-)

Name——-: Pug
Age——–: 39
Sex——–: Male
Race——-: Human (w/electronic enhancements :top secret:)
Alignment–: Take on that of the one who pays me – currently neutral
Companion–: None byt my Mech.Specialties: Electronic controls, pilot, and a few spells picked up on the way.

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