Pug accepts an offer?

To: All
From: *-Pug-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 08:06pm – 01/03/90

Sitting around here has gotten pretty old.  Business is real slow.  Almost had a live one then that ugly, whatever it was, took my passenger away.  Too bad I think that (what was that name, skorf spruce, no…) sporf dude, is in for some trouble.  Could catch a disease just standing near that ship, let alone sitting in it.  Wait a sec, here is an interesting add in the paper.

Wanted: A powerful leader and a good pilot 3.2 needed to handle large responsibility.  Pay can be discussed. Danger is high. (isn’t it always?) Enter sector 123,12334 and we will be in touch.

Hmm.. not much more to do around here… Could actually make some money.  Low Batt could use some exercise too.  “What do you say, Low Batt, ready for a flight?”

“Give me a sec (1) Ok, read to go, all systems green, clearance in 30 sec. You better get aboard sir.”

“Great, map course for .. sector 123, 12334, yes, already done. Remember, your control implant is not working very well yet.  Well beyond it’s expected life span.  We really should get it updated.  You could tap the weapons systems then.”

“Why mess with something that works!  Anyways, I like the control, and you must admit, I can still hold my own in your simulations.”

“Dream on …….Ignition in 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..”

On ward and up ward to, where was that, oh ya, somewhere near Plugor..

“Low, give me all the info in the galactic storage on Plugor.  Political systems, industries, everything…..”

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