Coherence questioned

To: KingPin
Et Alia
From: *-Hammurapi-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Re: Zearnot
Date: 08:46pm – 01/03/90

Turning into an interesting thread here, albeit perhaps a little incoherent so far 🙂  I won’t  take up a major character (although I’m sorely tempted to be Gigi the Wonder WereWolf –we have _possibilities_here!!)

For the time-being I’ll keep a log of the messages pertaining to the storyline, so if y’all want an arbiter for something I could oblige.(Speak and thou shalt be answered, K-9 :-)) )

So, Sporf, how do you respond to the kidnapping by this tricky Xvactor character?  And what is Belnate doing other than twiddling his thumbs in orbit around Zearnot (_not_ Plugor) keeping up the blockade? (Do we have a Pug to the rescue?)

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