Sporf Speaks, and some housekeeping

To: KingPin
From: *-Sporf-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Re: Zearnot
Date: 01:02am – 01/04/90

(Sporf to Alexa: between kidnapping and e-17)

“Well cat, should we be kinda and peacibly accept his half-price deal and let him fly us to the boonies, without telling us where we are going?  Or should we simply kill him now and take his ship?


“I agree, I felt safer with a seasoned vet at the wheel.  I guess we just have to trust him and hope for the best.”

( Sporf to Xvacter )

“Okay, so you swiped Alexa and me off the planet with no warning and told me you will only accept half of what I offered to pay.  Now we are in some bar in who-knows what-galaxy and tell me if I am wrong, but I don’t think we are on even an indirect course for Zearnot right now!  What are you trying to prove?!

Oh great! This _thing_ doesn’t look to pleased to see us. What the heck is it?”

Merk to storypeople:

Okay, things are starting to get organized. I think that instead of calling it a story or a game, let’s call it an adventure. Stories get boring and die, in a game, someone loses and the game is over. Let us all just make things happen.  Kingpin did great.  I had no idea that I was going to be taken without warning.  It changed all my plans.  But that is good.  It taught me that until you post, there are no plans.  Like life, this should be spontaneous and full of surprises.  Everyone involved should post at every logon.  Even a short response, or an insignificant statement… ie: My the Moons are nice tonight.. if for any reason, just to spark a conversation with someone and keep the story active.

Remember to check all messages before responding, an additional message may alter your thoughts.  I might have overtaken the ship and returned home, but the last message had me in a bar on asteroid e-17.  Again, plans change.

The ref idea is great. I hope we don’t need to use him/her.  I think if someone makes an unacceptable move, anyone who notices, or everyone that notices, should say something about it. It should iron itself out easily.

Enough said. have fun and May the sporf be with you!

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