It Begins

To: All
From: *-Merk-*
Category: Stories
Subject: Zearnot
Date: 12:50am – 12/31/89

We talked at the party about kickin’ this story up a little.  Why doesn’t everybody make a character, could be your own pseudonym, and in a day or so, I will make an action, say design a two-man craft destined for Zearnot.  I ask for a co-pilot, three respond, I pick one.. one thing leads to another in these kind of things, there is no narrator, therefore no ‘one person’ can take over.

I would like to suggest a few guidlines though:

1) Nobody can ‘destroy the Earth’ or otherwise instantaneously end the story.

2) Nobody can speak for others. These stories are strictly dialoge between characters.

3) You MUST, and that is a BIG MUST, you must have fun!


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